Sports fields, golf courses, and lawns require soil management to relieve soil compaction and increase turf health. More than core aerification, vericutting, or solid tine aerification, only the Air2G2 324 can laterally inject pressurized air up to 12 inches beneath the surface of the soil, comprehensively fracturing the compacted layers. The air blasts immediately relieve Compaction, increase Porosity and enhance Respiration which in turn allows water to drain easily and promotes gas exchange. But most importantly, it does so with little to no disturbance to the turfgrass surface.

The Air2g2 324

Immediate Benefits

  • Forces Immediate Gas Exchange
  • Improves Drainage
  • Little to No Disruption of Turf Surface
  • No Clean-Up of Cores
  • Aerify Today, Play Today!

Long Term Benefits

  • Deeper Roots
  • Increased Microbial Activity
  • Healthier Turf

The Air2HP

The Air2HP handheld tool offers a portable aerifying option for small, hard-to-reach areas like sand bunkers and flowerbeds, and can be easily navigated around tree roots and lawns. The Air2HP uses a single probe to laterally inject pressurized air beneath the surface of the soil, to fracture the compacted layers to ensure better drainage and airflow in problem areas.

An external air compressor (135psi/1 hp/3 gal/2.4 scfm @ 90psi minimum), or the Air2G2 324, is required to inject pressurized air in a diameter of up to 3 feet, and up to 40 inches beneath the surface of the soil.

The Air2Go Value Pack

The Air2G2 324 + HP + GO = Value Pack

This affordable and convenient package combines the power of the Air2G2 324, featuring the Air2G2 air inject process, with the Air2HP handheld tool, bundled together with the Air2GO shuttle trailer.

The Air2Go Value Pack Includes:

  • AIR2G2 324:The award-winning air injection Air2G2 324 powered by Air2G2’s air injection process to relieve compaction, increase porosity and force gas exchange.
  • AIR2HP:The flexible and easy to use Air2HP handheld tool maneuvers in small spaces, around tree roots, shrubs and flowers, as well as drain fields and sand traps, or to spot-treat problem areas.
  • AIR2GO: The all-new Air2GO shuttle trailer with locking mechanisms to quickly and easily load and unload the Air2G2 324. The air2GO shuttle trailer allows for safe, convenient transport to the next treatment site. There’s even a convenient mount for the Air2HP handheld tool.

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