Imants – RootPruner

The Imants RootPruner prunes roots up to 100mm in diameter with no clean up. It can prevent root encroachment under vital areas, eliminating loss of valuable water and nutrients and prevent surface damage. It also has the ability to decompact tight, narrow areas with ease. Includes unique patented triple-reduction planetary gearbox, for smooth, maximum torque drive to rotor shaft. The RootPruner also features a factory set, torque limiting PTO shaft eliminating all shear bolts & spring clutches.


Working width 0.60m
Transport width 0.90m
Working depth 250mm
Number of blades 6
Blade thickness 15mm
Blade spacing 270mm
Weight (approx) 415kg
Power requirement 40 – 60hp
Tractor requirements 540 PTO. Creep gear
or hydrostatic drive required
Operating speed 0.3 – 0.75mph (0.5 – 1.2kph)